How To Deal With A Bully At Work – Self Improvement Article

Bullying is becoming a universal topic throughout the business world. No workplace is safe from a bully and this behavior should not be encouraged. South Australia has bought in legislation to deal with this problem and I’m of the understanding that other Australian states will soon follow. Until then, how do you deal with a bully? Don’t be a victim The first thing is that you must not act or become a victim. Ensure that you are assertive and don’t…

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Top 7 Ways To Achieve Legendary Level of Leadership – Self Improvement Article

You must’ve had the pleasure of leading a team or a small group of people at some point in your life. Be it a project or a small campaign, you know how difficult it sometimes get to keep all of your team members on the same page and make them working toward your (common) goal. Human history is filled with so many great leaders who made the whole world follow them without being distracted or having double thoughts. So, how…

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Know All About Designing Your Business

Looking to give your business a powerful, cost-effective advantage over the competition? Your local professional interior designer can help. Some people think professional interior design is a “luxury” only accessible to the rich and famous. People who can afford to live in elegant homes and decorate those homes with the very best high-end appointments. But that’s a relatively small segment of the interior design industry. Savvy entrepreneurs recognize that a talented interior design pro is a valuable asset to their…

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