10 Simple Tips for Start Your Day with Happiness

How was your morning today? Do you start it with happiness or sadness? How do you feel today after wake up in the morning? Was it with full of joy or anger or stress? Do you want to start your day with happiness? Is your answer is happiness then congratulation as you have make it. If not or if you want to continue to start your day with happiness this article will help you. I believe how I start my…

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What Dr APJ Abdul Kalam said on Work Life Balance must help you

I believe you are trying hard to balance your work and home life as I do. Sometimes you become frustrate and blame on yourself. Even this problem is recognized by many pieces of research and employers too. Famous scientist Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has said some real facts on work-life balance. His thought on work-life balance is really inspiring me, you may be interested to know what said by APJ Abdul Kalam on Work-Life Balance. Friend don’t worry you are…

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Here’s How to Stay Balanced & Thrive While Managing Your Busy Work

Image Credit: Unsplash Entrepreneurship: A life where you’re in control of everything from your schedule and your revenue to your team and your vacations. A life that offers so much more than the bog-standard 9-to-5 office job. A life that finally allows you to fulfill your potential and achieve your goals. Entrepreneurship is all of these things, but it’s also a hard, hard slog. It’s working late into the night to try and finish a project. It’s waking up in…

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Let’s Strive for Work-Life Alignment First

Let’s stir the self-improvement pot and finally admit work-life balance never really existed. This life concept is more of an ideal way to live than reality.  Now this may upset some who continue to sell and make money off this never really existed life concept. What does exist and what is real is work-life alignment. Imagine for a moment two wheels connected. One of those wheels is your personal life and the other one is your professional life.  When both…

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