New shoes, new shirt, new direction

“Is it time to up our own game? We all just look the same” This was the statement during a team meeting that got the ball rolling towards refreshing our brand and designing a new website that reflects our business as it is today. We had just finished launching a couple of projects and the focus turned to our own brand and external image during a quiet week last Christmas. In summary, we felt it was time to stand out…

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Common CRO mistakes and how to avoid them

You’ve just spent ages working on a website and attempting to drive traffic to it. After running various tests, you figure out that your conversion rate is far from ideal. Plenty of people may be visiting your site, but you’re not converting them into leads or getting the desired action out of them. We see this all the time with companies everywhere. Whether you own a business and want to grow it, or if you’re a marketing professional keen to…

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