Walking Shoes

The 7 Best Walking Shoes for Walking and Standing All Day (Our 2019 Review) – Self Improvement Article

If you’re someone who often walks or stands all day, then it’s imperative to wear good, quality shoes. Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing shoes specifically for standing or walking all day, our tendency is to buy a pair based just on aesthetics and price. We usually don’t stop to consider important features like comfort, durability, and our specific foot type. So what often happens is that our feet are sore and tired whenever we spend all day walking and/or…

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The 7 Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet (Our Review for Both Men and Women)

An estimated 30% of Americans have the condition called pes planus, also known as fallen arches or more commonly flat feet. This condition occurs when the whole sole of the foot partially or fully touches the ground when the person is standing. Although having flat feet is not considered a serious medical condition, and some people who have flat feet do not experience any symptoms, there are some people who experience recurring pain and discomfort when they are on their…

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