7 Mistakes You Need to Avoid Making in Your Startup

Entrepreneurship has been recognized all over the world as a veritable tool for accelerating the development process of nations. In fact, no economy of the world can survive without entrepreneurs. Why then do a high percentage of entrepreneurs go through life as failures? Why do many become obscure and ridiculed for their failed business dream? As an aspiring entrepreneur or entrepreneur, I know you have stopped to ask yourself this question. Here is the truth; 70% of businesses fail before…

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What Is Motivation and How to Get More * AmbitionOasis.com

I want to talk about motivation today and what really is it. Because you see, you can’t get something you don’t really understand. It sounds like a simple principle but what is easy to understand is also easy to misinterpret. Motivation is the sum of all emotional reasons for us to do something. You noticed I didn’t say mental reasons. Do you wonder why? Mental reasons can be found in any direction. You can find rational reasons to do anything,…

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How to Get Anything You Want in 2017 (5 Easy Steps Action Plan)

Do you want to start your 2019 like a champion and accomplish everything you want? Do you want to be more successful, more productive and more loving? Do you want to improve the quality of your life and the ones that you love? Then this little guide is what you need. Maybe you want to lose more weight and have that body shape you always dreamed about. Or maybe you want to make more money, so you can have more…

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