On Having Peace by Mastering Your Emotions — Purpose Fairy

Our emotions drive our lives. Our decisions, big and small, are influenced by our emotions — no matter how much we try to think critically and from a place of logic. To build a life of peace and purpose, it is important that the heart and the head work together. On Having Peace by Mastering Your Emotions Emotions, however, are not always trustworthy. Though some, like the fight or flight response, is designed to keep us safe, misunderstanding the root…

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5 Steps to Handling Life When Things Get Rough

Do you secretly ache for something more? Do you celebrate the miracle that is your life or are you constantly running, frustrated by the never-ending to-do list at home and at work? When life is not going our way, it can be hard to look on the bright side. And what about the people who tell you “It’s all good” when your life is in a state of overwhelm, collapse, or just plain sucks. What’s good about it? The key is to realize…

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