50 Guys Explain How Attractive Girls Can Completely Ruin Their Chances At A Serious Relationship – Self Improvement Article

1. By constantly explaining how her physical features were unattractive. My ex was a little overweight, but she went into details about every little thing she didn’t like about her appearance. I found her attractive, just couldn’t stand arguing about it with her. 2. Twice she made plans with me then called them off at literally the last moment for no good reason, then wanted to reschedule a third time. No flakes. 3. It’s happened with a few women, but when they’re super…

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50 Singles Admit What Makes Them Lose Interest, Swipe Left, And Leave Dates Early

Here are some relationship dealbreakers from single men and women on Ask Reddit. 1. If they put a whole lot of stock into zodiac signs, it’s a good sign we aren’t going to agree on a lot of things. Especially if they try to excuse their behavior with it like, “Sorry I was being bitchy, it’s because I’m a Virgo.” No Linda, you’re just bitchy. 2. Cheating. Being okay with cheating culture, admitting to having cheated before, laughing/egging on friends into cheating.…

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