Toxic Relationships

When Your Best Friend Dates Someone Toxic, You Suffer Too – Self Improvement Article

When your best friend dates someone toxic, it puts a strain on your relationship. You want to be blunt with her because you have never lied to each other before. You have always given each other the honest truth, even when it sounded harsh. But you know how protective people can get over their relationships. You know badmouthing him could lead to an argument. You know she might hear your complaints about him and assume you are jealous, you are…

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A Sorry Does Not Change Anything Between Us – Self Improvement Article

A sorry doesn’t take back the nights you came stumbling home at three in the morning with liquor dripping from your pores. A sorry doesn’t take back the lies you told while looking me directly in the eyes without a stutter in your sentence. A sorry doesn’t take back the baggage you dropped onto my shoulders when I was much too young. I’m happy you are able to self-reflect, to see the pain you have caused. I’m happy you are putting in the effort to change…

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You Can Love Someone Without Keeping Them Around

You can love someone without keeping them around. You can miss them without sending a text. You can wish things ended differently without trying to fix an unsolvable problem. Missing someone is not always a sign you should reunite with them. It does not mean you should forgive them. It does not mean you should toss aside the pain they put you through in the past.  It might hurt to ignore their messages. It might kill you to block their…

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