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How Recapping My Days Changed My LifePick the Brain

In 2015, I made a New Years resolution. At the start of each day, I would review what I had done the previous day and log it in a text file. This wouldn’t be literally everything (Otherwise it would get rather tedious); just things that were worth remembering or indicated some kind of action had been taken that would move me forward, no matter how small. If I made a new recipe, it would go in. If I saw a…

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Struggling to Achieve Your Goals? This Box Could Explain Why

Think back to your biggest goals and dreams of the last 12 months. Did you accomplish them? Did you come close but fall a little short? Or did you really not get much of a start at all? Listen, we all have books we want to write, businesses we want to start, skills we want to learn, and masterpieces we want to create. The problem is that most people get so bogged down with all of their daily “musts”, “shoulds”,…

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What Is Your One Habit in the New Year? – Life Optimizer

With the end of the year approaching, it’s a good time to start preparing for next year. During the holiday, especially, you will have the clarity of mind and time to do it. What exactly should you plan? Well, I believe that one thing you should plan is your habits. Why? Because your habits can make or break your life! Build the right habits and you will be on your way to reaching full potential. The good news is: you…

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6 Rules of How to Stop Playing Video Games and Get Shit Done

Let’s face it, playing games can be a pretty fun way to spend time. They help us relax and forget about problems, and in certain cases, they motivate us to use logical and creative thinking, both of which are beneficial in life. So why not continue to play then? Well, playing games in itself is not wrong. But if you’ve come over to this article, chances are, you play a bit more than you’d like to, and it’s preventing you from getting anything…

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