45 Things To Be Thankful For Right Now – Self Improvement Article

1. The fact that you are here. You are here right now. You are capable of changing your life at any given moment. 2. The quiet seconds, even if they are just seconds. 3. The time that you’ve been given on this Earth. Even if you haven’t been thankful for it all this time. 4. The first five minutes after you wake up in the morning. 5. The last five minutes before you fall asleep at night. 6. The chaotic…

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Being Grateful Brings You Happiness, Here’s How – Self Improvement Article

Video Transcript Why are you not happy? Is it because you didn’t get the things you want in life? What will bring you happiness? I believe the reason most people are unhappy isn’t that they didn’t get the things they want in life but that they were ungrateful for the things they have while looking for the things that they want. I came across children who literally had nothing to eat but were happy to be in school. The beauty…

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The 2 Behaviors That Will Guarantee Your Success

Image Credit: Twenty20.com Everyone understands, or has felt at some point in their life, the value of heightened enthusiasm. You know, those times when you woke up early, and everything in your day was a constant stream of endless activity that developed results and brought you into connections with the people or the places to make your dreams happen. Let’s call it being on a psychological roll! Enthusiasm itself has several subcomponents attached to it, but for now I’m sure…

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