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Preply Review- Explore Your Learning Skills

Do you want to learn a new language and trying to find out a suitable platform?  Yes , today I going to share with you  Preply review – a platform to improve your language skill where around  173646 students from around the world have found around 29000 professional  tutor from 185 countries. Can you imagine the opportunity wait there? Let’s have a close look on Preply. About Preply: Preply is a language learning online platform where both the student and…

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Why I am a Failure at Everything I do-What Should I do now

I am a failure at everything I do; I feel worthless or I am a loser” – These are your feelings? Before I go into the topic just want to ask one question to you. How do you determine what failure is? What is the standard you consider something as a failure in life? Is it like trying something and not working for the first time? Do you rely only on your luck on success and failure? Then I can’t…

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Do you know your daily time wasters and how to manage them

Stop wasting your time as time is a very precious resource-it was a common advice I heard from everyone during my school life. At present I can realize how I have lost those days with so many time wasters. Time wasters are the activities by us throughout the day which actually have not give us any benefit. You have only 24 hours in hand daily, so to free up your schedule and become more productive you have to find your…

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What Dr APJ Abdul Kalam said on Work Life Balance must help you

I believe you are trying hard to balance your work and home life as I do. Sometimes you become frustrate and blame on yourself. Even this problem is recognized by many pieces of research and employers too. Famous scientist Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has said some real facts on work-life balance. His thought on work-life balance is really inspiring me, you may be interested to know what said by APJ Abdul Kalam on Work-Life Balance. Friend don’t worry you are…

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How To Know You Hold Limiting Beliefs That Stuck Your Life

Limiting Beliefs meaning: Limiting beliefs are those false concepts and negative thought in your mind on which you may make an incorrect conclusion on any life experience. You fall into the trap of the wrong perception about yourself due to your limiting beliefs. What holding you back to live your desire life? Do you stuck at any point in your life and try to be satisfying your mind using your own beliefs? Sometime you may try repeatedly to get out…

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