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Why SEO is important in 2018

Update: this post was first published in 2012. I’ve revisited it to update for today’s very different marketing landscape, treating SEO as part of a much larger and more integrated marketing plan. What is SEO? Let’s start with the basics – what exactly is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? Well, unless you’ve been living under a stone for the past decade, you’ll note just have integral search engines are to our lives. We search when we want to know something, when…

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How to calculate ROI in digital marketing

2019 is set to become an exciting year for digital, and if you believed everything you’ve read you would need a few million pounds of budget just to be involved. This is, of course, possible for household names with deep pockets and a large R&D budget to spank. The race for brand recognition via voice search on assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home is a real one. Automation and personalisation for those brands generating hundreds of leads per…

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New shoes, new shirt, new direction

“Is it time to up our own game? We all just look the same” This was the statement during a team meeting that got the ball rolling towards refreshing our brand and designing a new website that reflects our business as it is today. We had just finished launching a couple of projects and the focus turned to our own brand and external image during a quiet week last Christmas. In summary, we felt it was time to stand out…

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How to calculate keyword value

Step 1: Choose what product or service you want to promote Take a product or service that you want to promote. This should be something that delivers huge value for your business. We want to define the keyword value for this product or service. Too many businesses want to promote EVERYTHING, with equal weighting. This is the sign of a spray-and-pray strategy and will rarely get you anywhere fast. Instead, look at those products and services that are popular, and…

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Measuring the Google Analytics metrics that matter

Picture this – it’s a Friday afternoon and you’ve just received the latest report from your agency or marketing team. There are numbers everywhere. Arrows – some green, some red. You flick through the pages, and then flick back through again to the front page. You pretend to understand what the numbers are saying, but deep down you know you don’t understand. You shift your attention to the ‘summarised’ notes that support the numbers to see if they help. It’s a…

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Planning your revenue growth goals for 2019 [video]

As we begin to close off the year, I always enjoy finding time to reflect on our year, and also to plan ahead for the next. As sad as I feel typing this, planning and goal setting is truly is one of my favourite things to do – it sets the direction for your future. Without a roadmap, you’ll continue to wander aimlessly, never really knowing whether you’ve succeeded or failed. If you’re happy to stick around, I hope that…

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