How these women-led startups have found their footing at Urban Haat

Last updated on May 23rd, 2018 The value of an idea lies in the using of it.”~ Thomas Edison Converting an idea into a reality is never easy. While ideas are born in plenty, only a few well-executed ones result in products or services and make their way into the market. It requires a lot of effort, resources, will-power of the entrepreneur and a supporting eco-system to give life to a creative idea. CIDCO Urban Haat, at Navi Mumbai, provides…

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What it takes to gain momentum with your start-up — Wolkify

Momentum out of thin air Imagine you were given the following task: You have to get from point A to point B, and you are allowed to use this car right here to get there faster. Theoretically the car has gas in the tank and a working engine, it does however have problems starting. So in order to get the motor running, you have to push it until it is fast enough that you can jump in and start the…

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Which is better for starting a small online business in India

Selling online is the buzzword for start-ups and small entrepreneurs, who now have different choices for setting up their online store. Though there are many options for running an online store, there are many considerations too for setting up an online business. Choosing the right option for selling online is absolutely crucial to the success of a business. Amazon and Shopify are two good options to start selling online for those who do not want to be worked up with…

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7 Mistakes You Need to Avoid Making in Your Startup

Entrepreneurship has been recognized all over the world as a veritable tool for accelerating the development process of nations. In fact, no economy of the world can survive without entrepreneurs. Why then do a high percentage of entrepreneurs go through life as failures? Why do many become obscure and ridiculed for their failed business dream? As an aspiring entrepreneur or entrepreneur, I know you have stopped to ask yourself this question. Here is the truth; 70% of businesses fail before…

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