Weekly Horoscope For January 21-27, 2019

The week launches on a fierce and flamboyant note thanks to Monday morning’s full moon in proud, regal Leo. Not only is this lunation a supermoon (a full moon that lands at the closest possible degree to Earth), but it’s the broadly buzzed-about blood wolf lunar eclipse! There are so many directions we could fly off in on Monday that it could feel a tad overwhelming. And with heavenly heavyweights Mars and Saturn at odds all day, we might not…

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Spirituality… Or Success? 8 Myths to Dump For the New Year

Ever heard the saying, “It’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get into heaven”? Well, since I’ve never once heard of a needle-threading camel, I’m calling bull on this outdated notion of spirituality and success. There are still too many good folks in the world today (and probably some of you reading this right now!) whose ‘spirituality’ is getting in the way of your success. Despite…

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What Is the Ego – The Illusion of the Ego

What is the ego? Are you the ego? What is the meaning of this word? How would you define it? Are you your name, individuality, personality or body, or are they just tools you use for expressing yourself in the external world? These are not strange, meaningless questions. Have you ever questioned your identity or wondered who you really are? It is most likely that you never did. The Illusion of the Ego If someone calls your name, you would…

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A Solid Dose Of Science & Spirituality Brought To You By Joe Dispenza

This weekend I traveled to Nanaimo, British Columbia to attend the Science & Spirituality Conference. There were hundreds of people in attendance,  from over 40 different countries. It was truly a unique, and life-enriching experience. A big thanks to Elan, the mastermind of the event, for having me. While this conference ran from June 14-19th, I only had time to attend Friday’s workshop with Joe Dispenza. This was something I’ve wanted to do since I picked up one of Joe’s…

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3 Soulful Ways To Overcoming Unnecessary Wants – *Positive Provocations*

“Stop chasing what your mind wants and you’ll get what your soul needs.” When my daughter was 4 years old, she loved ice cream. She still does. One night when she was 4, on a very cold rainy night, she kept pulling me to the fridge to ask me for ice cream. Now there is nothing wrong with ice cream, is there? But at 11 p.m. (well past bedtime) on a cold rainy night, it is potentially disastrous. Now we…

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What Is Nonduality? Definition and Meaning

You might not have heard this term before, unless you have been interested in spirituality, meditation, Indian philosophies, or in ways to expand your consciousness. If you have been reading about the philosophies of the East, you might have come across the term Advaita Vedanta. In the West, it is called Nonduality, Nondualism or Non-Duality. What Is Nonduality, and How to Define It? To understand the meaning of this this word, we first need to define it. Nonduality is a…

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Crossing the River

I’ve been having some really powerful dreams lately – the kind of dreams that stay with you long after you’ve woken up, the kind of dreams that carry a message with them that you so desperately need to hear (and embody). Those kinds of dreams. One of them took place on a river. I stood on one side of it, wanting to get to the other side. The current looked pretty still in parts and pretty strong in others. And…

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Why You Should Be Your Number One Priority — Purpose Fairy

There are all sorts of reasons to make yourself your number one priority. If you’re in a relationship, the relationship may end up declining. The job you love may change, leaving you in a new position, surrounded by other people or having to find a completely new job. Your friends may end up with their own priorities that take them away from your friendship a bit. Why You Should Be Your Number One Priority It’s important to focus on yourself…

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