How Many Sexual Partners Is Normal?

A widely covered study last year found couples in which both spouses had only ever slept with each other were slightly more likely to be satisfied with their marriages. (Although 52 percent of couples where spouses had six to 10 partners, apparently the least happy group, reported being “very happy” with their marriages.) A 2004 report from the National Bureau of Economic Research said the ideal number of sexual partners for maximizing happiness is one a year. The Dr. Ed…

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These 3 Approaches To Sex Could Rekindle Your Intimacy With Your S.O

Sex as a mindfulness-based spiritual practice? You bet. Almost the polar opposite of sport sex, spiritual sex involves much slower movements and allows time for both partners to experience a full sensory awareness and to be truly present for each touch, Dr. Cabeca explains. It often includes deep breathing, small and rhythmic movements, and direct, soulful eye contact, which can allow for more connection, intimacy, and oneness during the sexual experience. Dr. Cabeca describes this approach to sex as energetic,…

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Non-Monogamy Makes You More Committed To Your Relationship, Study Shows

A common myth about consensual non-monogamy (or CNM, which includes open relationships, polyamory, and other such arrangements) is that the people involved are less attached to each other and perhaps that their relationship is less serious and strong than a monogamous couple who are romantically and sexually involved with only each other. But in reality, CNM requires extremely open communication, total honesty, immense empathy and care for one another, and many other marks of a very healthy relationship. Further proving…

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Conscious Uncoupling: Healthy Breakup 101

Just because a relationship ends, it doesn’t mean it’s over. When we take a lover, it’s as though we breathe this person into the very center of our soul, inviting them to take up residence and root down within us. In the bloom of romance, this joining can be one of the most beautiful experiences we’ve ever had. You and your partner may begin thinking one another’s thoughts, sensing one another’s feelings, merging your worldviews, and assimilating each other’s preferences…

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