A Short List Of Lies I Refuse To Believe About Myself

1. I am not enough. “Enough” is a matter of perception. It’s incredibly easy to believe that the rest of the world is surpassing us, that everyone else has this mysterious, intangible “it factor” that propels them to success while we remain stuck in the dust. However, no matter how often we feel that our presence is too small or our actions will never spark change, our feelings of inadequacy don’t dictate our worth. I feel like I will never measure up,…

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12 Ways To Be Good To Yourself This Year And Every Year After

1. Be mindful of what you think, feel, and want. It’s important to recognize that we all hold selfish needs and desires inside, but it’s critical to let those thoughts out. We have to hold our souls to the highest standard, and selfish platitudes hold no place. 2. Be patient, but also determined. Be willing to wait for the things you want, but don’t give up on them completely. Stay focused, but wait when the time comes. 3. Forgive yourself.…

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25 Powerful Confidence Quotes to Help You Believe 3X in Yourself

Confidence attracts greatness to you, do you believe that? If you do not, here is what I believe is the reason, doubt. That tiny creepy monster that crawls into your thoughts, making you lose faith in yourself, your ideas, your potentials, your abilities. So many people today are not living up to their potentials simply because they let doubt fill their thoughts, feeding off of them like a leach. For many years I struggled with an internal enemy called doubt, one…

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