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The Problem Is Not Your Website Or Your Product. – Self Improvement Article

The good cause factor. Your business may do something simple like mow lawns. That may not sound like a life-changing business that can take this lead advice I’m giving onboard. “My business is simple,” you say to me. Well, I’d challenge that. Any business can have what I call the ‘Good Cause Factor.” Let be give you an example. The local butcher down the road from me has a BBQ every Saturday afternoon where they invite the community to come and eat some food for…

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Why SMART Goals in Sales Fail

Credit: Gratisography Most sales professionals have sales goals and in many instances these are mandated to be SMART goals. By the way did you know that Zig Ziglar was the first salesperson I found to talk about SMART goal setting? Just as a fresher the acronym SMART stands for: Specific Measurable Attainable Realistically set high (Stretch) Time driven or target date Daniel Pink in his book Drive mentions these criteria and why they fail.  Anyone who understands the Theory of…

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