The One Meeting I Make Time for No Matter What

My wife and I have a lot going on. We work together on this business of mine, and Anne has her own business dealings as well. We also have two kids, so we have other people in our household that require our time, attention, and focus. As our kids have gotten older, their needs have changed, so nothing at home really stays the same. In fact, nothing about our lives ever really stays the same. In the past, whenever my…

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You Can Avoid Multitasking When You Focus on These 3 Things

This is a guest post by Austin L. Church. Austin is a writer and consultant who runs a branding and content agency called Balernum. He lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, with his lovely and patient wife Megan, and their two boys and one girl. He would tell you that his family and his faith are the reason he is so gung-ho about improving his focus, his business, and himself. He wants his kids to say, “Go away!” not “Why is Dad always…

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