Obsession of the mind for the Dually Diagnosed

One of the biggest weaknesses of Alcoholics Anonymous(AA) is that mental health isn’t covered in more depth. Millions of people suffering from addiction, too suffer from untreated mental health issues which originally lead them to their addiction/alcoholism. Their consumption coping strategy was often their only way to making life manageable and somewhat balanced, that is, until the pills and potions stopped. What was initially introduced as a method to escape mental torture became habitual with no signs of letting up.…

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An Antidote To Relentless Grandiosity

If you were predestined to only ever to be a worker amongst workers, could you find contentment with life? What would it feel like to find out today that none of your deepest grandiose dreams and desires would never come true?  No matter how hard you strived to game the systems in your favour, your biggest achievements and existence in life would be viewed as menial? Would life still be worth living? If you are an Alcoholic, that nasty self-righteous…

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