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71 Forgiveness Quotes to Let Go of Anger and Forgiving People Who Have Hurt You – Self Improvement Article

More than once in your life, you will be hurt by someone’s words or actions. Perhaps someone cut you off while you’re queuing to pay for your lunch. Perhaps a friend has betrayed you. Probably, someone told you that you’re not good enough for them. Or perhaps when you were little you’ve experienced abuse at the hands of adults who were supposed to take care of you and keep you safe. Many of us carry the pain of these incidents…

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81 Quotes About Happiness and Finding Joy in Life

How important is happiness? Many philosophers, both ancient and modern, have implied that happiness is the very reason we are alive.​ Moreover, in a philosophical sense, being happy is the main reason people are able to achieve their goals and make a difference in others’ lives. When we are happy, we are the better versions of ourselves. Happiness enhances our creativity, boosts our mental and physical health, raises our energy levels, and broadens our compassion. In numerous scientific studies, it…

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