How to spend less on Google Ads

Don’t let Google choose how much you want to spend on click advertising. Find out how to save money on Google Ads right now. A cautionary tale for the modern PPC marketer or SME business owner using Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) in 2018: Beware Google’s “Auto” features! It can be tempting to run your ads as quickly as possible, but Google AdWords Express is not the answer, and Google’s suggested keyword lists are dangerous. In 2016, Google received over…

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How to calculate keyword value

Step 1: Choose what product or service you want to promote Take a product or service that you want to promote. This should be something that delivers huge value for your business. We want to define the keyword value for this product or service. Too many businesses want to promote EVERYTHING, with equal weighting. This is the sign of a spray-and-pray strategy and will rarely get you anywhere fast. Instead, look at those products and services that are popular, and…

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