How to Create a Master Plan for Your LifePick the Brain

Did it ever occur to you that doing things according to a specific plan could boost your productivity? If you’ve never done this before, then, it is definitely high time to comprise a master plan. That is to say, you should establish individual goals and targets and focus on accomplishing them. This will make you accomplish an immeasurable sense of satisfaction. Balance is, of course, the key element that allows you to remain focused on your targets. But balance isn’t…

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How Recapping My Days Changed My LifePick the Brain

In 2015, I made a New Years resolution. At the start of each day, I would review what I had done the previous day and log it in a text file. This wouldn’t be literally everything (Otherwise it would get rather tedious); just things that were worth remembering or indicated some kind of action had been taken that would move me forward, no matter how small. If I made a new recipe, it would go in. If I saw a…

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5 Ways To Discover Your Passion and Make a ProfitPick the Brain

It’s Sunday evening and you are dreading going to work the next day. You hear people advise you, “Follow your passion!” Of course you’d love to, if only you knew what your passion was. You are probably a work hard play hard kind of person, committed to your job, and good at what you do. You are smart, professional and an over-achiever. But you are tired of feeling bored and unfulfilled, investing your valuable time in a company that could…

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I Crossed the Ocean to Find My PurposePick the Brain

Inspired to start a global journey and make a difference, I arrived energized and happy, not knowing what it would take for me to find my purpose and start building a meaningful career. Here is how it went: I moved to the U.S. as an international student from the Netherlands. I got rejected by Fortune 500 companies because they didn’t want to take the risk. They would have to sponsor my visa. I had two Master’s Degrees, experience at global…

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