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What is Time Management? Tips and Techniques That Work

What time management is in reality? You must have wondered at least once. Isn’t it? What do you think what time management is? How many times have you tried managing your time by preparing time tables and detailed schedules?     Recall a time when you prepared a sheet with time-bound activities nicely written, like “I’ll wake up at 6am, then I’ll do this, I’ll do that, da da da ……” Wow! How did it feel? Wonderful! Right? Then, what…

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The Biggest Reason, I Failed | How to avoid Failure?

  There I was, on a cliff so high, From where, it seemed easy to touch the sky, All I needed, just a pair of wings to fly, But all I did, was cry, cry and cry.   My broken wings, hurting with pain, Saying, there’s nothing to gain, Your efforts always go in vain, All there is, pain, pain and pain,   But my Heart, But my Heart, said, Let’s give it a try, Let’s give it a try,…

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Meditation: To Do or To Be??

Whenever I meet someone and they come to know that I meditate, first they say, “Wow!”. And then the next question they ask is, “How do you meditate? I have tried it so many times but I couldn’t do. My mind gets filled with so many thoughts and I can’t focus. I don’t understand how to do meditation. Tell me some meditation techniques you use”. I have come across such situations a lot of times, when somebody asks me this. A…

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