How I Found My Passion (And How You Can Find Yours)

I didn’t know I’d end up doing what I do today. I built my first website when I was 14. I started trying to make money online in 2006-2007. I spent $10,000+ on coaching, courses, and every other product between heaven and earth, looking for shortcuts and secret formulas. I failed over and over again. Those failures helped chip away what I thought I wanted, and reveal what made my heart sing. But even with that insight, I was imprisoned by…

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How To Properly Define Your Passions & Purpose

Over the years, I’ve worked with many companies and found the ones with lucid and succinctly described visions are more likely to succeed than those with unclear or highly complex visions. Yet as individuals, we often don’t take the time to clearly articulate our own passions or purpose. To help you define yours, I’ve created a simple test that I call The Funnel Test. The following is an excerpt from Your Network Is Your Net Worth: Unlock the Hidden Power of…

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Forget Finding Your Passion and Purpose (Read This If You’re Stuck)

Trouble finding your passion or purpose? Stuck? Or just plain confused? If so, you need to stop trying to find the perfect passion or purpose. If you’ve been trying, and you’re stuck, it’s time to try something else. It’s time to discover what works for you. What Am I Talking About? I wrote a book called Find Your Passion: 25 Questions You Must Ask Yourself. Am I now saying that what I wrote is useless? No. For many, answering the questions in…

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A Systematic Way to Stop Worrying

Do you let worry stop you from pursuing your dreams? Worry held me back for a long time. Deep down, I wanted to follow my heart, my interests, but I was held back by the thoughts dancing in my head. It was like an unstoppable virus. But eventually I found the antidote. I found the answer. In this piece, I share what I’ve discovered. Let’s start by making sure we’re on the same page. What is Worry? Worry is a…

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When You Feel Like You Have No Direction in Life

Do you feel lost? No purpose? No passion? No idea where to go? This may surprise you, but here’s what I’ve discovered: You don’t need to have a direction, purpose, or passion, to fully enjoy life. You can dance in uncertainty and let life live itself through you. These are not just empty words. I know uncertainty, fear, and worry. I know confusion. I’ve been in the deepest darkness, and I’ve found my way to the light. So let’s dive into…

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Sorry, You‘re Not Special And You Need To Read This — Wolkify

At the time of writing, there are 7.6 billion people on Earth. About 360,000 humans are born every day. And the population will only rise. It has been estimated that by the year 2100, the population will grow to 11.2 billion people. You are one of the billion people living on this planet right now. Even more people have come before you and will come after you. Out of all these people, you think you’re special? Let me tell you…

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How to Choose Between Two Passions or Business Ideas

Do you have a tough time making a choice? Worried that you’ll make the wrong one? You’re not alone. This is common and to be expected. That said, it doesn’t have to be the norm. You don’t have to drive yourself insane over the choices in your life. For the longest time, I had trouble making decisions. I wasn’t sure how to move forward. Time and time again, I ended up drowning myself with information. I searched for certainty, but never seemed…

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Why You Never Feel Ready to Take Action

Have you noticed that you never feel ready to write that book, start a business, or just go after what makes you come alive? You never feel ready because you’re looking for certainty. You want to have all the details. You want to be absolutely sure that everything is going to work out. So you never start, nothing ever happens, and you end up lost in the land of regret. The solution is not to berate yourself for not being…

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What Is Motivation and How to Get More *

I want to talk about motivation today and what really is it. Because you see, you can’t get something you don’t really understand. It sounds like a simple principle but what is easy to understand is also easy to misinterpret. Motivation is the sum of all emotional reasons for us to do something. You noticed I didn’t say mental reasons. Do you wonder why? Mental reasons can be found in any direction. You can find rational reasons to do anything,…

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How To Fall In Love With The Daily Grind, Achieve Anything And Enjoy Each Day Of Your Life — Wolkify

Five years ago, I wanted to get fit. So, I joined a gym. I paid the membership price and I was ready to rock and roll. I was excited. I imagined how my body will transform in a few months. Day one was fun. I gave my full effort and felt like a superhero. The next day was painful. My body was sore and I didn’t want to go to the gym. But I used my willpower and went to…

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A Psychologist Reveals How Your Mind Tricks You Every Day

I was once asked if I liked what I wrote. I said I have different phases, I like my writing in some phases and don’t like my writing in some phases. Huh? Let me explain. I’m working on this children’s book, a series of short stories for children. In the beginning, as I was writing the first few stories, I was mentally rehearsing my Booker Award Speech, and I was all like, “Wow, this is going to be SO great!”…

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10 Tips for a Healthy and Strong Relationship *

We all have our own way to view the perfect relationship, but in all cases forming a positive and trusting partnership requires time and effort. And that’s a good thing, that we can work (control) the level of connection and romance within our relationship. So you need to put out some work to grow a strong duo and to keep it that way. I compacted 10 routines you can apply now and  make it happen. 1. Communicate effectively Communication is the key. If you want…

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