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How Amazon Helped Me Decide To Quit Writing About Self Development

If you’re a member of Amazon Prime then it’s highly unlikely that you missed ‘Prime Day’ recently where Amazing slashed prices to thousand of items to tempt people to spend online at a time that is traditionally very slow for retailers. There were indeed some great bargains and we bought a pressure cooker that was less than half the normal price and one we’d been considering for some while. However, there is a more insidious side to ‘Prime Day’, and…

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10 Cunning Ways Salespeople Get You To Buy (and how to avoid them)

I was reading a thread on Quora the other day in which people were sharing tricks they knew of that car salespeople  used to get people to buy. One guy shared a couple he was aware of (he wasn’t a salesperson himself), but then went on to say that 30% of car salespeople he’d interacted with and usually bought from, didn’t use tricks. Ha! What he meant was, 30% were so good that he didn’t spot the tricks they were…

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