4 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Using Less Plastic – Self Improvement Article

Tom Szaky is a leading force in the sustainability world. The founder of TerraCycle, a company that finds ways to recycle hard-to-recycle items (think everything from snack wrappers to backpacks to sponges), Szaky made headlines most recently for, Loop, his new initiative that gives companies the option to sell their products in reusable packaging that can be collected, cleaned, and reused multiple times. So far, Unilever, Procter & Gamble Company, Coca-Cola, and PepsiCo, among others, have signed onto it. The…

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The Wally Shop & The Rise Of The Zero-Waste Delivery Service

Founder Tamara Lim was first inspired to launch it while she was working in the packaging and shipping department of Amazon. There, she says, customers were demanding more recycled and reusable packaging, but ultimately there wasn’t the infrastructure in place to scale options it. Two years ago, she left the big-box retailer and relocated to New York City in the hopes of creating a convenient delivery service that was as cost-effective as it was sustainable. “My experience at Amazon really…

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