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An Entrepreneur’s 7 Secrets to Owning Multiple Enterprises

Image Credit: Unsplash Are you an established entrepreneur looking to scale up your operation? Well, there are several lesser-known secrets to making it big time as an entrepreneur (seven, to be exact) that we’ll share with you. These range from exploiting your existing skill set to outsourcing the basics. When combined, these seven secrets will help you to extend your wealth creation and business portfolio. Learning How to Spread Risk The truth is, no matter how secure you might feel…

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3 Ways to Make Yourself More Marketable Overnight

In today’s business world, your personal brand is everything. It is the first impression you leave with colleagues, superiors, partners, clients, and friends. It can make or break your opportunities while opening new doors and potentially shutting others. Most importantly, it is one thing that you have the power to control. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new career, launching down the path of entrepreneurship, or just wanting to make sure that you are prepared for any new opportunity…

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