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5 Habits You Must Give Up to Become Successful and Get What You Want From Life

Image Credit: Unsplash Happiness, success, and fulfillment have different interpretations around the world, yet they are all labels we wish to claim. When it comes to achieving our dreams, we’re our best friend and biggest critic. Goals are naturally challenging; the last thing we want to do is hinder our efforts with harmful habits. Each time we starve off a negative habit, we allow more room to feed a positive one. Good or bad, habits are all around us. Habits…

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How to Stop Negative Thoughts: A 3-Step Formula

Do you want to stop negative thoughts from affecting you so much? Do you get stuck in thought patterns that lead to anxiety, fear, and worry? What if I told you that there’s a simple way to deal with negative thoughts? You see, I’ve been battling negative thinking patterns my whole life. I’ve battled with my inner critic. I’ve had to learn how to transcend negative self-talk. I’ve tried most of the systems and methods out there, and I’ve found…

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