Motivational Stories

Heart Touching Emotional Story with Deep Message

“You cannot do anything big in life”, The senior manager shouted and fired him. This was his first job after doing an MBA. A talented young man, with lots of hope and aspiration. Dreams were in the sky, but the reality is bitter of this cruel world. He was nervous after losing his first job; still, self-confidence was on the fire. He applied for another job. Manager, “Why they fired you?” He had no clear-cut answer.Manager rejected him for the…

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5 Interesting and Inspiring Short Stories of Mahatma Gandhi’s Life

* Why is this Dilemma? * Every year 30th January is observed as Martyrs’ Day in India in the memory of Mahatma Gandhi-The father of Nation. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi aka Bapu– the name itself is capable of carrying the whole universe in it. He inspired masses during the course of his lifetime; still, after the 70 years of his death, he is inspiring millions around the world through his visions, his teachings, his books and his writings. Teachings of Gandhi…

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Inspirational Moral Stories- Another Point of View

Short stories with good moral values are a powerful medium for not only effective communication, and advertisement but also for learning valuable life lessons in complex lives. This is a short motivational story about attitude. A short story for kids, children, adults and of course for everyone who wants to move ahead in life. Famous Short Story Quotes A short story is a different thing altogether- a short story is like a kiss in the dark from a stranger. –…

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