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Why I Don’t Use Social Media – Self Improvement Article

I have a question for you. Where have all the good blogs gone? I used to find so many great blog articles all the time. Several years ago the blog world was alive with color. It was vibrant and alive and full of life. Now? There are still a few around, but… It seems like all the good blogs have disappeared within the past few years. Where did all the good blogs go? I can answer that for you… All good…

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How To Channel Your Anger Into Power – Self Improvement Article

Pssst. Are you an angry man? You are, huh. Well then, I have a little secret for you… Anger is not a bad thing. Anger is fuel. The trick is channeling the anger into worthwhile pursuits and not letting that anger get the best of you. Being able to control your anger is what men do. It is childish to show your anger constantly. It is childish to not be able to control your anger, or to show your anger…

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10 Tips I Would Give My Younger Self (To Get Rich Quicker)

From the desk of Victor PrideSubj: How to stop being a slave and start being a master— If I were to go back in time 10 years ago before I started this whole journey into the unknown, I would give some good advice to my younger self. I would drill these lessons into the head of the younger Pride to get him to understand the vital importance of each of these 10 rules. If the young man did not want…

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Why I Decided to Get Rich

From the desk of Victor PrideSubj: Something average people cannot relate to— I used to work normal jobs. 9-5, 11-7, weekdays, weekends, overnight. I worked them all. Working these jobs gave me one very important piece of knowledge. That piece of knowledge is this: Working jobs is for the commoners. It isn’t for me. I couldn’t stand being around those normal people. Working a job was like a slow suffocation to me. The average people I worked with were beneath…

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Why I’m Back In Monk Mode

From the desk of Victor PrideSubj: Back in the saddle again— After my first 30 days in strict Monk Mode, I relaxed a little bit. I went to bed just a little bit later and woke up just a little bit later. I went back to eating 3 meals per day instead of the one monk meal. What happened? I didn’t feel very good. I became anxious, I wasn’t calm any longer. Little things got to me. Everything made me…

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Monk Mode – Bold and Determined

All I can really say is that everything in your life gets better when you go into Monk Mode. Many might think it is a horrible sacrifice to go into Monk Mode but to me, living the life they life is the truly horrible sacrifice. All around me I see people who are broke, sick, fat, stupid, and weak. Meanwhile I am in bliss inside my own world. Not only that, but I’m rich and I don’t have to do…

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