Why You Should Give Your Negative Inner Voice a Name – Self Improvement Article

One of the most fundamental facts to understand about your mind is: you are not your thoughts. Often we identify very strongly with what we think and everything our inner voice says to us. We hear a whisper in the back of our minds saying, “You’re not good enough,” “You don’t deserve that,” or “You’re a failure.” And we take these statements as true without questioning them. But thoughts come and go – and we never quite know where their…

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How to raise a grateful child #AtoZChallenge #Parenting – Self Improvement Article

We live in challenging times—more so when it comes to parenting. Of courses we want the best for our children and in the process, end up overindulging them and this can have long term consequences—and not of the good kind. It’s a fact that childhood overindulgence leads to a sense of psychological entitlement. When parents overnurture children by doing things that their children ought to be doing for themselves, being too lenient, having no rules—in short, giving them too much,…

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