How to stay focused on your goals

Have you ever struggled to work consistently on your goals? How many times have you got distracted, confused or lost faith? Isn’t that what happens with most of us every single day? We fight with ourselves. We question our beliefs. We do our best to convince ourselves that we are in the right direction. But one single negative thought takes us back to square one. We feel as if we have just fallen from a sky scraper. So, how do…

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A Guide to Dealing with the Dark Side of Personal Growth

If you meditate, or do any kind of effective personal growth work, you may eventually run into some sticky territory. Namely, you’ll have to face the darkness within you. Personal development is not just about positivity and utopia. Eventually, if you’re doing the work, you will have to embrace the things you’ve been avoiding. It is only by traveling through this “darkness” that you find peace and equanimity. I’ve written about going through depression and my own dark night of the…

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What is Past Life Therapy? A FAQ Guide On Releasing The Past – Abundance Life Coach for Women

Wondering if you should go for a past life therapy? Perhaps you have got an inkling that the negative patterns that you are currently having stem from blocks that were created in past lives. It’s not as if you have not tried to address your issues. You may have gone for some childhood therapy or counselling sessions, yet you are still stuck or feeling blocked. The same patterns keep repeating. One great analogy is that you’ve been told not to…

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An Extreme Skeptic’s Guide To Mindfulness

How many of you reading this right now believe that your thoughts can influence how you feel? For those of you who believe otherwise, you may want to stop reading the post right now. If you did come to the conclusion that thoughts do in fact influence your day, could it then also be possible that a string of thoughts could alter the path your life? This is a challenging topic for debate, especially if you have a religious upbringing…

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How to Use Journaling to Enter a Meditative State

Writing is an incredibly meditative state. You don’t believe it? Let’s discuss a quote by Ernest Hemingway: “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Writing is nothing but a mere expression of the things you carry inside. Meditation helps you discover those things. Meditation is the method, and writing is the expression. But what happens when writing becomes the method and the expression at the same time? The Journaling Method So what’s…

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7 Ways a Yoga Retreat Can Change Your Life

In today’s time, it is hard to find some respite from the monotonousness of daily life. The constant juggle between personal and professional life takes a toll on the quality of life and results in stress, anxiety, depression and other disorders. So what’s the way out you may ask? Well, if you really want to experience the tranquility of life, a yoga retreat is certainly the best way. It is an opportunity for you to renew, rejuvenate, reflect and restore.…

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5 Keys to Return to Your True Self — Purpose Fairy

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a highly anxious person. My head and my heart have been very disconnected and when I was born I had the cord wrapped around my neck which meant I struggled to breathe and was silent during my birth. I entered the world in a hyper-vigilant state and that’s where I stayed as I grew up a shy, awkward and uncomfortable person who had never really learned to be safe in her…

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My Best Psychology and Self Improvement Articles From 2018

As we approach the upcoming new year, it’s always a great time to take a step back and reflect on what we’ve learned and experienced over the past twelve months. First, let me ask you an important question: “Are you better or worse than you were exactly one year ago today? Or about the same?” I sincerely hope it was a good and productive year for you; but even if it wasn’t, keep in mind this is just one chapter…

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6 Yoga Poses That Will Boost Your Self-Confidence Through the Roof

Self-confidence is an integral element of Yoga and its teachings. The principles of Yoga are based on the theory of making one self-possessed enough to prevail in the world of troubles and challenges. Serving human generations for more than 5000 years, the spiritual science of Yoga has contributed hugely in the mental and physical development of humans. Almost all yogic exercises and theories focus on being positive and constructive in nature. One’s self-esteem is of enormous importance not only while…

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Meditation Makes You Less Reactive to Negative Feedback in Life

Meditation is one of the most scientifically-supported “mental tools” for improving your mental health, well-being, and overall happiness. A new study published in the Journal of Cognitive, Affective & Behavioral Neuroscience has now added another piece of the puzzle for why meditation can be so beneficial for you. Researchers conducted an experiment with 3 groups of people: experienced meditators, novice meditators, and non-meditators. They had all participants perform a task where they were trained to pair certain images with a…

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Meditation: To Do or To Be??

Whenever I meet someone and they come to know that I meditate, first they say, “Wow!”. And then the next question they ask is, “How do you meditate? I have tried it so many times but I couldn’t do. My mind gets filled with so many thoughts and I can’t focus. I don’t understand how to do meditation. Tell me some meditation techniques you use”. I have come across such situations a lot of times, when somebody asks me this. A…

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Practicing “Who Am I” Meditation

Meditation might mean different things to different people, and the aims they hope to attain might be different too. Some, meditate because they want to relax their body and mind, and others, because they want to get rid of their anxieties or stress. Some, long for peace of mind, and others, pursue meditation because it helps them focus their mind or become better persons. Beyond all these differences and aims, meditation can lead to something higher. It can help you…

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