Is the Search For Your Passion Frustrating You?

“If we really understood the herculean effort it is to be in a body, to live in this environment and just wake up every morning, perhaps we could appreciate and relax into allowing every breath to be our passion.” ~ Lia In the spiritual community, there is pressure to uncover our passion or purpose. We go to seminars, take courses and get spiritual counseling/coaching to ‘raise our vibration’ to help us uncover our reason for living. And, for some of…

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5 Ways to Bring Meaning Back into Your Life — Purpose Fairy

Our generation is characterized by increasing rates of depression, anxiety, and loneliness. We feel stuck. The harder we try, the harder it gets. Most of us are not happy with our jobs or relationships. We wish for love and a satisfying job. We often ask ourselves: What is my life all about? Why do I have this uncomfortable feeling in my heart? Why do I feel lonely? Why is life so tough? Why can’t it be simple? Why can’t I…

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