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12 Quotes That Will Make Sure You Grow Old & Happy Together

I think a lot of us have this dream… You want to meet that special person and grow old and happy together. You picture yourself with your spouse when you’re 80 or 90 years old, still holding hands, kissing passionately, laughing together and just being each others best friend. But the truth is that relationships are not easy. Every couple will argue and fight at times or have differences they are trying to work through. Even the happiest looking couples…

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This is What Happens When Your Partner is Insecure or Mistrusting

In this post I want to address something that is one the most common reasons why someone starts feeling lost in a relationship. And it actually has nothing to do with you, but everything with your partner. One of the biggest reasons why people start to feel less confident, independent and start to lose sight of their individual dreams and aspirations is having an insecure of mistrusting partner. A mistrusting or insecure partner often can’t help but feel the need…

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45 Reliable Resources for a Happy & Healthy Relationship

Do you know this feeling? Hours and hours you spend searching the Internet in the hope to find a solution for a happier, healthier and more stable relationship or marriage. You wonder how hard it can be to find the right resource. That one article, video, course or book that will solve your problem. Maybe you and your spouse fight all the time, maybe you’ve lost those feelings of love or maybe you feel misunderstood all the time. Whatever it…

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