18 Powerful Night-Time Affirmations Before You Go To Sleep – Self Improvement Article

Here are 18 amazing affirmations to speak aloud to yourself before you go to sleep. I read them every night, and find that they help send me off to sleep with a feeling of confidence and clarity, whilst setting my vibrational tone for the next morning. Unfortunately, I can’t remember exactly which talk these came from, but they are Dr. Wayne Dyer’s compilation. These are the best 18 self-love affirmations that we could find so that you can start practicing…

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Want To Be Rich? Here’s How (And It’s Not What You Think) – Self Improvement Article

What if true wealth had very little to do with money? What if all of the strivings for money, for gain, for more was in vain? What if true wealth was about things like the call of your heart, what you love to do and who you love to do it with? Play with me for a bit here and imagine the above. Gone is the focus on doing more and instead, you focus solely on doing that which you…

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Want Your New Year’s Resolution to Stick? Choose Your Words Well –

Most people are unaware of just how powerful their words are. The words we speak actually create what we experience in life. Powerhouse CEO, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and author May McCarthy can attest to that. In the past 34 years, May has grown six profitable companies to as large as 250 employees and over $100 million in annual revenues. She credits her success, financial abundance, and happiness to seven steps she practices every morning. These steps have helped her…

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