Why Spending Time Alone with Yourself is Important — Purpose Fairy – Self Improvement Article

“Loneliness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night air smell better.” – Henry Rollins Spending time alone is usually viewed in a negative light. If we’re lonely, it’s assumed something is amiss in our lives: a lack of friends, a lack of meaningful connections and a lack of sociability. Lack in general. It’s true that chronic, ongoing loneliness, the sort of loneliness that endures day in day out for the long-term, is not…

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100 Uplifting Lonely Quotes to Overcome Loneliness – Self Improvement Article

Are you feeling isolated and lonely? Loneliness can creep into your life without you even noticing it at first. It’s often a gradual process leaving you more and more alone. To most people, feeling lonely is quite a burden. As humans, we are used to living in tribes and naturally seek meaningful interactions with other people. We may not only be looking for social interactions but also for a deep connection with supportive and kind individuals. To help you lift…

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Because Of My Loneliness | Thought Catalog

Because of my loneliness, I met you. I couldn’t bear the deafening sound of my own heart breaking, so I looked to you to cover my ears. I looked to you to silence the pain I had been carrying for so long, and I had hoped it would be you that would make it all go away. The only thing that went away because of your presence in my life was me. Because of my loneliness, I lost myself in…

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Why a Pet Can Be Incredibly Helpful For Social Anxiety, Loneliness, or Depression

Too anxious to make new friends at the moment? Feeling lonely living by yourself? Just need a boost in your mental health in general? Maybe a nice loyal pet is exactly what you need right now. While I certainly don’t think a pet can replace human relationships, they can be a very valuable companion for someone who suffers from social anxiety, loneliness, or depression. A relationship with an animal can often feel just as valuable as a relationship with a…

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