Lessons from the Chinese Bamboo Tree – Abundance Life Coach for Women

Are you feeling impatient or dejected over the lack of any evidence of success? Would the following situation be what you are currently experiencing?…You’ve put in the hard work with blood, sweat and tears and you’d like to see some “proof” of result. However, it’s been quite some time and you are still not observing any signs of progress. There is nothing or little feedback to indicate that you are moving in the right direction or that the Universe has been…

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21 Excuses That Make Up Your Money Story – Abundance Life Coach for Women

Is the money story that you have been telling actually a cover-up? Could the reason that you have been giving for the lack of a financial breakthrough be really an excuse? Your money story may be a cover that you have created for helping you avoid pain or to playing small. Or it could be that your ego needs to know that it is not diminished in any way. The excuses that you tell is your way out to feeling…

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Life Lessons That Will Turn Your Life Around – Abundance Life Coach for Women

Life lessons are experiences to help us grow and evolve. They aren’t always pretty when we first encounter them. In fact, it is often the case that if we don’t learn them, we are likely to find ourselves going through the same negative situation over and over again. Hence, if you are caught in repeated patterns, it helps to ask yourself what are the life lessons you are meant to learn. I recall crying out in frustration, complaining in bitterness…

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