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The Only Cause Of Stress (and how you beat it)

You gaze down through the open window at the sparkling Ionia sea resplendent in the late summer sun. Your taxi weaves itself dexterously down the narrow mountain road from Vrachionas, the highest point on the Greek island of Zakynthos. The sun twinkles and a hundred shades of azure bounce back from the gently lapping waves. High above a Cory’s Shearwater banks and weaves barely beating it’s long brown wings as it scans the turquoise waters for an afternoon snack. It…

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30-Minutes To A Brighter Future (Guaranteed)

Carve out about 30-minutes. I know, I know, you’ve got shit to do and that’s a long time, but stop whining and do it anyway because research conducted by clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson suggests it will be well worth your while. I’d prefer you to use a pen and paper for this, but if you’re not sure what a pen and paper are, then it’s fine to use a word document on your computer. You’re going to be writing two distinct…

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5 Amazing Life Hacks You’ve Never Heard Of

Life Hacks are ten a penny with entire websites designed to share them with the world. The only problem is that many have zero basis in science and simply don’t work. Here are 5 that absolutely do work – if that is, you can be bothered to implement them properly. 1. Life Hacks  – Hacking Procrastination If I had $100 for every client that told me they worked better the nearer they got to a deadline, I’d probably have bought…

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7 Dreadful Psychological Experiments (and why science may have benefited from them)

7 Dreadful Psychological Experiments (and why science may have benefited from them) When it comes to psychological experiments the period spanning the 40 years or so after the end of World War II was nothing short of scary. Scientists were physically administering electric shocks to people with sometimes, high doses of electricity, putting others (often children) through severe mental and physical trauma and abusing animals to an extent that doesn’t even bare thinking about for a compassionate human being. We…

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Why You Shouldn’t Save For Your Kids College (and what you should do instead)

Did you know that there is zero proof to suggest that, generally speaking, people who have kids are happier than those who don’t? In fact, there is evidence to suggest to the contrary Psychology Professor at the University of California, Sonya Lyubomirskiy, cited research in her book ‘The How Of Happiness’ (al) that clearly demonstrated that most parents happiness levels do not increase no matter how much they wanted children. But when was the last time you heard a parent…

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