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Quit Focusing On The Outcome — A Simple Way To Get More Of What You Want.

Part Three: The plateau I spent much of my career on the internet trying to hustle, work harder than everybody else and produce as much content as I could. Like anyone that has tried to focus on outcomes, there comes the inevitable part called ‘the plateau.’ Then there was a period where for about a year there was silence. I hit a major speed bump and wondered if writing about entrepreneurship was what I wanted to do. Out of boredom from…

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5 Pieces of Life Advice from a Warrior and TBI SurvivorPick the Brain

‘When starting from scratch to reinvent yourself choose a powerful and loving mindset.’– Glenn Bott, Survivor, Speaker, Warrior Imagine suddenly waking up with no idea of where you are or why you’re there? Everything looks strange. You have no recollection of anything prior to this moment. You somewhat remember “you”, but only from a deep feeling and familiarity. You can’t remember your name, or anything that happened before this moment. I am very fortunate to fully recover from this normally…

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50 Valuable Pieces Of Advice For Anyone Turning 18

If you are turning 18 this year, you should follow this advice from Ask Reddit.  1. You’re still a kid, and will realize over the years that you still will be a kid until around 30. Even then you’ll still have days where you wonder about your maturity (I’m 34, still wondering myself). Get a credit card and put regular monthly expenses on it. Pay it off every month. It’s not the end of the world to have a balance…

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