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Michael and Megan Respond to Listener Questions Leaders make decisions, but clarity can be hard to come by. In this episode, listeners fire their most pressing questions at Michael and Megan. They bring practical solutions to the problems many leaders face, based on more than 30 years of business experience. This is only a snippet of article written by Michael Hyatt Read Full Article

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Sorry, You‘re Not Special And You Need To Read This — Wolkify

At the time of writing, there are 7.6 billion people on Earth. About 360,000 humans are born every day. And the population will only rise. It has been estimated that by the year 2100, the population will grow to 11.2 billion people. You are one of the billion people living on this planet right now. Even more people have come before you and will come after you. Out of all these people, you think you’re special? Let me tell you…

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You Say You Want a Resolution

For all of the champagne, new diets, and gym memberships folks are about to experience, only about eight percent of resolution-takers succeed in attaining their goals. What goes wrong? Any number of answers might hold a kernel of truth, but I’d offer the following: New Year’s Day is not a real new beginning. Much as the day after your birthday is eerily similar to the day before, New Year’s Day is a superficial temporal landmark. It is fun to celebrate,…

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How to Handle Own Goals

Steve Smith is a Scotland-born, Canada-raised hockey defenseman whose NHL career spanned 15 seasons. He is less well known for winning three Stanley Cup championships than for a single mistake. In 1986, while a rookie skating for the 2-time defending Stanley Cup champion Edmonton Oilers, Smith took the puck behind his own net and looked up ice for a teammate to hit with an outlet pass. He fired the puck through the slot, but before it reached its intended target,…

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The key lessons on how to become a great leader of any organization

An organization is only as good as its leaders. It’s absolutely true that too much hierarchy can kill the company’s creativity and productivity, but so does an absence of great leadership. Some companies, like Treehouse, experimented with a flat organization without any leadership at all, and soon found out that people felt adrift, like lonely islands without support, when they weren’t being led properly. But becoming a good leader is not an easy job. Developing yourself into a great leader…

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The Science of Tackling Large Projects

My sister is obsessed with games. Video games, board games, role-playing games – she loves them all. She will readily admit that the pure glee she derives from unlocking achievements fuels this obsession. She isn’t alone. Quests result in gold, each round of Tetris earns additional points, and grown adults spend more time searching neighbor’s yards for imaginary Pokemon than they should admit. Gamification has even become a catchy concept in productivity literature. Despite the trendy buzzword, the concept is…

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Stop, Take a Step Back and Gain Clarity Around Your Purpose

So what’s your purpose if you are in sales, leadership or some other role?  People are so busy working IN their lives, they fail to stop and take a step back to work ON their lives. Credit www.gratisography.com When we understand our individual purpose, we gain clarity and this supports us as we move intentionally forward. Isn’t it funny we use words all the time and think we know what they mean?  Take the word purpose. This word has Latin…

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The 3×3 Goal Achievement Strategy

How to Triple the Likelihood of Achieving Your Most Important Goals Leaders dream big. But too often, our greatest goals get lost in the whirlwind of daily tasks and interruptions. Today, we’ll give you three simple practices that will ensure your goals stay on track all year long. You’ll avoid the pain of seeing your biggest goals slip through your fingers. And you’ll feel satisfaction at seeing steady progress until they are finally achieved. This is only a snippet of…

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No Purpose Leads to Bad Decisions and Consequently Bad Results

A colleague of mine S. Anthony Iannarino, discussed in his weekly email about how changing one’s decision changes one’s trajectory.  I agree with him because there are a lot of bad results happening because of bad decisions. Years ago I read this book The On Purpose Person by Kevin McCarthy.  He rendered down purpose to being a light switch.  When the light switch is on, you are on purpose.  Conversely when the light switch is off, you are no longer…

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Generosity Pays

We all know intuitively that generosity is right. But it turns out that generosity also provides some very tangible rewards for the giver. In this episode of the Lead to Win podcast, we uncover three benefits of generosity that span all of your most important relationships both at work and at home. This is only a snippet of article written by Michael Hyatt Read Full Article

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Beware of The Trap of Entrepreneurial Success

Image Credit: Unsplash Building a successful company is what every entrepreneur dreams of and works towards relentlessly. Running a 6 or even 7 figure business is the ultimate goal of countless founders and entrepreneurs; it seems to be the answer to all problems. Yet, during my time working with business owners who’ve “made it,” I observed that entrepreneurial success is extremely glorified. Having clients/customers rolling in and high sales are (surprisingly) not the magic bullet to a fulfilling life, and…

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New Year, New You

How to Conduct an Annual Preview High achievers love the start of the new year and the prospect of new goals. The problem is that fresh enthusiasm can evaporate with the holiday cheer. Diving back into the whirlwind can be stressful and frustrating. We don’t think your goal achievement should fluctuate with the seasons. In this episode, we reveal a simple five-step plan that will launch you into the new year with focus and energy. Listen to this podcast, and…

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