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How to Know If You’ve Found Your Perfect Match Or It’s Time to Move On

Reading time: Less than a minute We’ve all experienced moments of unsureness, angst, or resentment with our relationships. Perhaps these moments have even lead you to question whether you’re even still in love or if your significant other is really the right one for you. In this insightful video, Abraham-Hicks explains what you should do. And how you should know if you’ve found the “perfect” match. Their…

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6 Psychological Forces That Determine Your Success

Image Credit: How do you define success? If asked this question a couple years ago, I would have answered that success means getting a college degree, working a 9-5 job, climbing the corporate ladder, finding a nice wife, and retiring with a white picket fence. Since starting on my self-development journey, however, my definition has changed. Now, I believe that there is only one success and that is to live life on your own terms. Everyday we are exposed…

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