Someone Calling You Weird? 3 Reasons It’s A Massive Compliment – Self Improvement Article

Being weird is like being a limited edition, meaning you are something people don’t see all the often — remember that! –Author Unknown Is someone calling you weird? I love it when someone calls me weird. I smile and say thank you. There are three reasons why I take this as a huge compliment. 1. “Weird” Also Means “Unique” When they look perplexed I just tell them the dictionary definition of the word: Weird: suggesting something supernatural; uncanny; the weird crying of a…

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What is Past Life Therapy? A FAQ Guide On Releasing The Past – Abundance Life Coach for Women

Wondering if you should go for a past life therapy? Perhaps you have got an inkling that the negative patterns that you are currently having stem from blocks that were created in past lives. It’s not as if you have not tried to address your issues. You may have gone for some childhood therapy or counselling sessions, yet you are still stuck or feeling blocked. The same patterns keep repeating. One great analogy is that you’ve been told not to…

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