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Reversing Diabetes: Food As Medicine & Other Natural Approaches

While not essential for reversing diabetes, certain supplements (when combined with an overall healthy diet and regular exercise routine), can certainly give you a leg up due to their beneficial effect on insulin, blood sugar, and inflammation. Here are a few expert-recommended picks to consider if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes: Vitamin D. The sunshine vitamin seems to improve glucose tolerance and insulin resistance, says Virgin. In one study, supplementing with vitamin D for 12 weeks decreased body fat by 7…

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Liver Cleanse: How To Detox Your Liver Naturally

Nope, you don’t need a fancy cleanse. What you need is a balanced, healthy diet that promotes weight loss (or weight maintenance, if you’re already at a healthy weight) and contains nutrients that promote liver and gut health. In fact, losing just 3% to 6% of your body weight could reduce liver fat levels by 35% to 40%, according to one recent study, which takes a huge burden off your body’s main detoxifying organ. A good first step: Ditch the processed…

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Is Acupuncture Mainstream? – mindbodygreen

New research has also helped solidify acupuncture’s popularity and credibility in not just the wellness space but the conventional medical space too. According to a Harvard Health Blog article, “Thanks to the development of valid placebo controls (for example, a retractable “sham” device that looks like an acupuncture needle but does not penetrate the skin) and the publication of several large and well-designed clinical trials in the last decade, we have the start of a solid foundation for truly understanding…

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Women With IBD Risk Of Mental Illness, New Study Finds

You might already know a thing or two about the gut-brain connection and how the health of your microbiome—the community of microbes living in your digestive tract—affects aspects of your health like your immune system, your mood, and your energy levels. If you haven’t read up on how the gut influences our health in myriad ways, it’s about time you did! It seems like every week there’s new research on the topic. Case in point: A new study showed that…

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