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1.The journey of a thousand miles begins with the single step.Lao Tzu The best inspirational quote ever to get motivation in the tough situation of life. Every year is a journey and several ups and downs are the part of this beautiful journey. Probably, you have set new goals for this new year and you wish to attain your goals but to fulfil your dreams- You Must Start. This quote will be the best motivator for you throughout the year…

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Why? – An Inspirational Short Poem for Motivation in Life

Motivational Poem for Inspiration Motivational poems and Inspirational short stories are simple yet powerful tools to get motivation in life’s crisis. This short inspiring poem will inspire you to think differently and do something unique and extraordinary that can change your entire life. Why don’t you dare?Why do you do, so much care? Why is this hidden fear? Why don’t you hear? You are born to Win. Why are you, still in a cage? Why don’t you jump out from…

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31 Powerful Goal Setting Quotes-Why Should You Set Goals?

29 + Powerful Goal Setting Quotes – Why should you set goals? I want to start this post by asking some burning questions to you. May I ask? Thank you very much for the permission.Ok, let me ask you. Do you know why some people fail? Why? An Inspirational Short Poem For Motivation in Life Do you know why some people succeed? And, Do you know why some people never get what they want? Perhaps, you already know the answers…

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