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“Making One’s Bed In My Mind Is the Most Direct Road to a Happier Life.” – Self Improvement Article

Interview: Isabel Gillies Now, how do I know Isabel Gillies? The answer is lost in the sands of time. We have several mutual friends, perhaps that’s how. She has had a very interesting, varied career. She is an actor who appeared, among other places, on the TV show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and in the movie Metropolitan. She’s also a highly successful writer. Her bestselling memoir Happens Every Day: An All-Too-True Story recounts the story of how her first…

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Revealed! Some of My Favorite Illustrations from the Book “Outer Order, Inner Calm.” – Self Improvement Article

With each book I write, I think, “I’ll never have as much fun writing a book again.” And then I love the next book project even more. Many aspects of writing Outer Order, Inner Calm made it particularly enjoyable. In it, I use a very accessible, concise approach. This book is meant to be read quickly, to get you fired up to clear clutter. I was inspired by a book whose structure I’ve always admired: Michael Pollan’s Food Rules. I’d always…

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My Outer Order Manifesto for My New Book “Outer Order, Inner Calm.” – Self Improvement Article

One of my favorite exercises is to write a “Manifesto.” No matter what subject I study, I find it helpful to try to distill my ideas into succinct statements of the most important principles. For instance, I’ve done a Happiness Manifesto, a Habits Manifesto, and a Podcast Manifesto. It’s a fun, creative, and clarifying process. So of course as I was writing my new book Outer Order, Inner Calm, I wanted to write an accompanying manifesto. As with all my manifestos,…

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