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5 Habits You Must Give Up to Become Successful and Get What You Want From Life

Image Credit: Unsplash Happiness, success, and fulfillment have different interpretations around the world, yet they are all labels we wish to claim. When it comes to achieving our dreams, we’re our best friend and biggest critic. Goals are naturally challenging; the last thing we want to do is hinder our efforts with harmful habits. Each time we starve off a negative habit, we allow more room to feed a positive one. Good or bad, habits are all around us. Habits…

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50 Little Ways To Be A Happier You Every Single Day

1. Wake up ten minutes earlier than you normally do and drink your coffee (or tea) a little more slowly than usual. 2. Write one paragraph in a journal about how you honestly feel about your current place in life. 3. Below that, write down three things that you have the power to change in six months. 4. Accomplish one small goal you have for the day that’s dedicated to personal fulfillment. 5. Start reading a book that you’ve been dying…

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Your Response to Your Level of Success Will Determine Your Happiness

Image Credit: Unsplash We are looking for ways and means to become more successful; the definition of such is really personal and has nothing to do with fame or fortune. Rather, it revolves around our ability towards being happy. Of course, the implication here is that successful people are happy people. And as long as you do not have a contorted view of success, such as I will step on as many people as I have to get rich, then…

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Conscious Uncoupling: Healthy Breakup 101

Just because a relationship ends, it doesn’t mean it’s over. When we take a lover, it’s as though we breathe this person into the very center of our soul, inviting them to take up residence and root down within us. In the bloom of romance, this joining can be one of the most beautiful experiences we’ve ever had. You and your partner may begin thinking one another’s thoughts, sensing one another’s feelings, merging your worldviews, and assimilating each other’s preferences…

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