Make Your Bed Feel Extra Cozy With These 8 Products

6. Reminders of people (or pets!) you love. Placing a reminder of someone or something you love right across from your bed basically guarantees that you wake up in a good mood every morning. It can be a photograph from a family trip, a dreamy landscape, or an ode to a furry friend. When you’re hanging yours, take a cue from feng shui design philosophy and place it a little higher on the wall than you think you need to.…

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Marie Kondo: 4 Things You Should Never Do When You Declutter

If you share your home with loved ones or roommates, it should be everyone’s responsibility to keep it clean. “You’re living together, so it’s important for everyone to maintain their space,” Kondo says on her show. She tells one mom who is having trouble delegating decluttering duties to her husband and kids that giving everyone one room that they alone are responsible for tidying is the only way to keep everyone accountable. And with that primer, you should be ready…

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