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36 Best Quinoa Salad Recipes That Encourage Weight Loss And Great Health

Perhaps you’re already familiar with quinoa. For those who have not encountered quinoa yet in their culinary adventures, here are some of the basic facts. Quinoa is considered a superfood. Why? It is the only plant-based source of complete protein; having all 9 essential amino acids necessary for muscle development. It contains such high levels of nutrients that the United Nations declared 2013 the International Year of Quinoa, in recognition of its potential to provide food security for the world.…

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54 Easy Meals For Two That Are On The Table In An Hour or Less

Do you find yourself in either of these situations? Skipping meals because you don’t want to be late for work. Often ordering dinner from your favorite fast food out of habit, because you believe that a home-cooked meal will take ages to prepare. Unhealthy eating habits do take a toll on your health, as well as on your budget. If you feel that you are at a loss for options because of time constraints, then a meal plan can help…

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The 5 Best Omega 3 Supplements Review for 2019

There are numerous health benefits from including omega 3 fatty acids in your diet on a daily basis. Not only does this nutrient help your body, it has also been proven to assist with brain function.  While the human body can convert raw materials or other fats into most of the kinds of fats that it needs, this is not true for omega 3 fatty acids. The body can’t make these essential fats from scratch, so it has to get…

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13 Healthy Ways To Fall Asleep Earlier

Nothing good happens after midnight. I first heard this phrase while in the military. It was true then; it is true now. All sorts of shenanigans happen to those who are out on the town past midnight. Even in a more sedentary, “stay at home” lifestyle, nothing good happens after midnight. Think of the common reasons to stay up to the wee hours of the night: Video Games TV Facebook Watching the paint dry… To those night owls who want…

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