How To Achieve More In Less Time *

Video transcript: Hi there my friend, I am Cornel Manu, founder of I have a question for you: Do you want to achieve greatly, increasing your productivity daily, while spending less time doing it and have more free time to enjoy life and those you love? I am sure you want that. We all want that. When it comes to productivity, being high achievers and focusing so much on getting things done, we tend to sabotage ourselves and even…

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7 Traits A Person Destined For Greatness Needs

Over the years, researchers have been looking into many different traits and habits that some of the most successful people have had. For sure, there are many books out there as well that talk about it, such as the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, amongst a laundry list of others. Today though I’d like to share the list that these researchers have proposed as the reasoning is quite compelling. If you have all of these traits, then you are…

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6 Psychological Forces That Determine Your Success

Image Credit: How do you define success? If asked this question a couple years ago, I would have answered that success means getting a college degree, working a 9-5 job, climbing the corporate ladder, finding a nice wife, and retiring with a white picket fence. Since starting on my self-development journey, however, my definition has changed. Now, I believe that there is only one success and that is to live life on your own terms. Everyday we are exposed…

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Attitude Motivational Video – What Matters

Attitude is how you react or respond to what happens to you in life. Transcript (Attitude motivational video) Many at times, we go through life worrying about things that happened to us, our struggles, our pains, things that don’t go well in our lives as though that’s all that matters. But truth be told, they don’t matter. You might disagree with this, but it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter that you were laughed at, bullied, insulted, called all sorts of names. It doesn’t matter how…

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