The 7 Core Skills to Drawing Realistic Pictures – Self Improvement Article

Knowing how to draw is something most people feel is mostly about artistic talent. You can either draw or you can’t. I disagree. Instead, I think drawing is mostly about having a set of specific techniques, that anyone can learn, which make it a lot easier to draw something realistic. I’m not a professional artist, and so my experience comes mostly from drawing as a hobby. However, as many professional artists have long-since mastered these basic skills, they often struggle…

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Top 100 Personal Development Blogs 2019 – Self Improvement Article

The official Top 100 Personal Development Blogs is back! Damn, I love this time of year. It’s all about setting your year up for massive success and what better way of doing that then presenting you with the best personal development blogs for 2019. In fact, we bring you the Top 100! This is the fifth year that we have compiled the Top 100 personal development blogs and every year we see more and more blogs adding great value to…

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